Welcome to Leptogastrinae

Welcome to the Leptogastrinae Scratchpad!

Leptogastrinae is a group of predatory flies with 472 species within the megadiverse assassin flies (Asilidae) with more than 7,500 described species to date. Leptogastrinae species are distributed throughout the world with the notable exception of Chile and New Zealand. These flies have been called ”grass flies“ by some authors as many species are found in grassy environments.

This site will be the central gateway to find information about Leptogastrinae: the latest classification, new species descriptions, images of type specimens and specimens in the wild, literature, and other information.

For a regularly updated map with specimen occurrence data of Leptogastrinae species follow this link.

For a table with the detailed specimen records of Leptogastrinae species follow this link.

If you would like to contribute data on Leptogastrinae to this site, please contact the site administrator Torsten Dikow.

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